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About Us

GuardMe Student Support Program (GMSSP) is a leader in student mental wellness, providing remote solutions-focused mental health support 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world. The program offers a wide range of both non-clinical and clinical resources, including professional counselling that is multilingual, culturally sensitive, and gender-inclusive.

The program was created because we recognized gaps that existed in supporting the mental health of international students. GuardMe wanted a way to provide culturally appropriate early intervention to international students to avoid a mental health crisis and/or hospitalization. Of course, this need for post-secondary mental health support is not limited to international students, which is why GMSSP has expanded to provide support to all students

Our Commitment
GMSSP is committed to providing students with the highest quality mental health support that promotes their personal and academic success. This commitment also includes working collaboratively with our partners to understand and address the changing needs of the campus and students.

Our Vision
Increasing global access to culturally appropriate mental health support.

Our Mission
Creating a safe and inclusive space for students to access the mental health support that is right for them

TELUS Health

The GuardMe Student Support Program was launched in partnership with TELUS Health (formerly LifeWorks). TELUS Health is the world’s largest counselling organization, supporting individuals around the world with the daily challenges of balancing their education, home, and work life. A Canadian company, TELUS Health has delivered counselling solutions since 1979 and currently supports more than 100 post-secondary institutions across North America and 20,000 organizations worldwide, representing over 20 million people. Their presence in across Canada is robust and well-established.